Body Tech By Formula Dual Weight Stack Manual

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• 1140 Answers SOURCE: Hi, The stack weight upgrades are not sold at any retailers although the bar weights are freely available. They have to be obtained from the manufacturer, although it may be worthwhile contacting the retailer where you bought the machine from originally. I don't know your location, so I've provided the contact details for Marcy / Escalade for UK and USA: Escalade / Marcy UK Tel: 50 Fax: 81 Email: Escalade International Limited Pleasant View Road Penllergaer Swansea SA4 9GE Escalade / Marcy USA Customer Service - phone: 1-800-467-1206 ** Escalade USA don't provide any other contact details, e.g. An email address. They have web-request forms to complete with your enquiry ** Parts Request General information request Before purchasing you should also verify that the cable is rated for the additional weight you are intending to add as you may also need an upgraded cable.

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Dual Weight Stack by body tech formula; Dual Weight Stack by body tech formula. Posting ID: B1. How to Put Together a Body Tech. Repeat the process for the leg press weight stack. Consult the official assembly instruction manual for the Body Tech II if. Download autocad for mac. Owner's Manual: G9S: Body-Solid G9S Two-Stack Gym. Download free Body Tech.


Rather than ordering lots of separate parts from different places which will be expensive in terms of shipping, I suggest you contacy Marcy / Escalade and order everything you need in one go. If you need contact information for a different country, please post back with your location. Hope this helps Regards, BElectric. Posted on Nov 21, 2010. Like all body fat tests, body fat scales don't actually measure your body fat percentage.

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I was given a BodyTech (by Formula Ventures which doesn't seem to be in business any longer) weight machine, but I don't have an owner's manual or any documentation with it. The model number is 95300-15. It looked like a pile of scrap metal when I got it, but I've managed to piece together the major components. A couple of the cables were cut when it was disassembled (I didn't see it until it looked like a pile of scrap metal), so I'll have to make a couple cables to replace them. The problem is that I have no clue how the cables & pulleys are supposed to be configured.

Anyone have a machine like this that could show me pictures or maybe suggestions as to where I might be able to get a copy of the owner's manual or assembly instructions? It has 2 weight stacks and 4 stations.