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Trusted Windows (PC) download Betaflight Configurator 10.4.0. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Betaflight Configurator alternative downloads. Download Betaflight The Riot comes fully loaded with a default configuration. These settings can be customized in Betaflight – Configurator, an open source flight controller software available for free from the Google Chrome Store. A simple app to access the Betaflight CLI on your flight controller. You need Android device that supports OTG to use this app.

This tutorial shows you how to setup Betaflight firmware for the first time. You first need download the configurator, and connect the flight controller to a computer USB port. I will then go through each necessary setting with you for your first flight. Betaflight is an excellent open source flight controller software, designed specially for mini quad (racing drones). Check out the to learn more.

I will walk you through Betaflight configurator, and show you the simple steps to setup your quadcopter in Betaflight for your first flight. ↓ • Joe Stubbs Hi Oscar I have a Naze32 Rev5 + Betaflight + ppm Rx + DX9 Tx For 3 days now been trying to config all of them too operate on a Fixed Wing Aircraft, using the Passthru Mode to prevent FC interaction.

I’ve been stumble-bumming around trying to config the PWM outputs at the servo pins using the Servo Tab Matrix ( is that the terminology!? ) – methinks the servo outputs sequence to be – chan 1 to 6 – Ail Elv; Thr; Rud; Gea;r Aux 1; and I monitor these outputs via the Servo Tab graphics. The other strange thing is the DX9 mapping is TAER123 but the BetaFlight Receiver Tab Mapping is required to be AETR123 for the receiver input gaphics to sync I just cannot get the correct servo outputs to agree with stick input.please helpJoe. • Steve_C look here: that’s how i made it work. • Robert Hi Oscar, I recently built a quad with the motolab fc and littlebees which were ordered across the pond in Australia. The build resulted in 3 motors spinning.

I have the signal wire (white) connected to the board and I removed the ground. I have the latest clean flight and the latest beta flight installed. Presuming the esc have at least 14.0 installed. St dupont serial numbers. I moved arms around with motors and esc attached to make sure the board was working on that leg and it was. So I’m thinking I likely have a bad esc.


I had a spare kiss esc and motor that I connected but it wouldn’t spin either. Is this due to the fc firmware or something software related.

Also, should I be able to program the esc’s though the fc because I tried and I can get connected, but I get an error 31 and it doesn’t recognize any of the esc’s. I’ve read somewhere that I need a serial cable connected to UART 1, but I don’t have a serial cable. Furthermore, I removed the black ground wire and cut the white signal to solder to the fc thinking I should be able to perform upgrades through the fc, but I can’t.

Any wisdom you can part with would be gladly apprciated! Thanks for your time. Free software for mac os. • nik Hi Oscar Just flashed Boris B.’s Betaflight to my ZMR. I was able to configurate everything as I wanted it, restored settings from a backup. The board seems to work, but the moment I arm it when everything is plugged in, it kind of freezes. The buzzer sound freezes aswell and just stays constantly on.