Arm And Hammer Anvil Serial Numbers

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The maker’s mark is faint and dinged up. It looks to me like a left - right arrow( rectangular box with arrowhead at both ends) with 'STILETTO' stamped within. I could be way off and stand to be corrected. The anvil is 25 inches long and 10.3 inches tall. The.5” thick table is 3.8” wide and is in good shape with a 1” hardy hole and a.5” pritchel hole. The feet provide a base of 9” X 10”. The “124” seems right for the weight in pounds when I heft it.

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Arm And Hammer Anvil For Sale

Arm And Hammer Anvil Serial Numbers

It has a loud ring and good rebound. The tip of the horn needs some attention. I waited a long time for this anvil to come my way. I have $45 invested in it.

The Anvil’s Horn 1. Be a Trenton or Arm & Hammer. If the area under the. If you see a series of numbers (serial number) on the. Found an anvil, have a few questions about it. Throw that serial number up on. I just bought this arm and hammer, anvil. Mr Postman refers to the Arm& Hammer as. 352 lb Arm and Hammer anvil repair. Nov 15 2012 Filed In: - Amos Tucker, -352 lb Arm and Hammer anvil repair. Bringing the beast inside the shop.

I found it as a garden ornament at an estate sale. It was going to be left behind in the sale of the property. This was a gift from the blacksmithing god. My previous anvil was a chunk of railway track. I don't plan to part with this anvil and would appreciate any information about it and also any comments that you might have. There are some numbers stamped on the front feet.

Arm And Hammer Anvil Serial Numbers

I doubt that the maker's mark is Trenton or Trexon since the S at the beginning and the O at the end are clear enough to read and the logo is definately a left - rifgt arrow. Maybe it's real oddball? I will try to get a better photo of the stamp. I do appreciate my good fortune in locating this anvil and at such a bargain price. Any more ideas or comments are much appreciated. Sometimes the manufacturers made anvils for hardware stores or distributors and stamped the store's name instead of their own. I don't think 'Stilletto' would be the maker, just the store or distributor.

How to use iskysoft video downloader for mac. The fact that the weight is on the side and not stamped on the left front foot is a little atypical for Trenton. Mac miller live from space download. I'm wondering if it is perhaps an Arm and Hammer?

They also used cast steel bases with that depression like Trentons, but they usually stamped their weights on the side like yours. One thing that is different from regular Arm and Hammers is the underside of the heel seems to be finished quite nicely whereas 'normal' Arm and Hammers had a rougher underside of the heel from the fullering process in drawing the heel.