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You won't find spares other than a few bits and pieces that come up on ebay from time to time. If it's an air cooled single cylinder engine it's probably the same that was badged as Crescent, Archimedes Penta, and Volvo Penta 39 at various times in the 1970s. If so I have what is basically the same engine dressed up a bit, badged VP51. And somehow uprated to 5 hp. I got fed up with it and stopped using it about 24 years ago although it does still run and did a spell for a friend a few years ago. I have the owners manual which covers the VP39 so if there is anything specific you need to know ask.

I've already copied it once and could do the same again I suppose.

Volvo penta outboard motor parts DISCOUNT MARINE PARTS Volvo Penta Outboard Motors Discount Marine Parts has a large inventory of parts for most brands of American Marine Engines and Sterndrives, current and obsolete. We also have most parts and service manuals available. For the present time, this Website has focused on engines marketed in the United States.

Archimedes Penta 5hp air cooled outboard If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Re: Archimedes 39 fuel/oil ratio gday youre about the only other person i know with an archimedes penta ive got a 55hp for parts try wilburt the web site is they ship world wide and have everthing i have needed so far impellor pawl thermos gaskets etc cheers Bruce Melbourne Australia. Re: Archimedes Penta 5hp air cooled outboard I had something which may have been the same, bing carburettor, and white fuel tank, maybe orange trim. Remember stripping it down to find the impellor.It had none! Cooling depended upon partial air cooling but there was a pitot tube which when the craft attained some speed provided some water cooling. All moveable parts should be suitably protected with Volvo Penta protector oil for outboard engines. The treatment is carried out as follows: Fill an oH can, preferably a so-called pump oil can, with unmixed protector oil. Start the engine and run with a low r.p.m, at the same time as injecting the protecotr oH into the carburetor's air. Sorry dont seem to have noted the source of spares but manual here ready to copy if required. Archimedes Penta 5hp air cooled outboard.

One such outboard motor was the Volvo Penta. Although it had a short run in the U.S, there is a long history of where this outboard originated, dating back to 1911. We will list the progression of this Swedish outboard from 1911. We will try and list as much information as we have, but there is a lot of missing data. We will update as we continue our research. There are numerous models manufactured under various brand names through the years. Its been hard to get specific model year information for these makes.

Archimedes penta outboard motor

Archimedes Penta Outboard 140

The problem is compounded by the fact that outboards were branded with most of these names even after the original company had been sold. For example the Archimedes brand of 1911 has been used off and on through 1978. It all started with two brothers by the names of O.W. Hult and C.A. They were officials of AB Archimedes of Stockholm Sweden. In 1911 they built the worlds first opposed twin outboard.

The outboard was marketed as a 2 ½ H.P. Script to search copy. In 1912 carrying the name of 'Balans', which means opposed. Among other achievements, the Hult brothers introduced the full pivot reverse in 1916. In 1922 the Johnson brothers of South Bend Indiana purchased a license from the Hult's to use their patented invention on their outboards. The first Penta outboard apeared in 1922, by the Pentaverken company of Skovde, Sweden.

In 1930 Volvo became the major shareholding of Pentaverken of Skovde, Sweden. The outboard was moved to Goteborg, Sweden in 1935 and became Volvo Penta. In 1944 Electrolux purchases Penta from Volvo. They already own the producer of the Archimedes outboard motor. We do not have the date of that purchase. To our knowledge no outboard motor carried the Electrolux brand name, they were just the manufacturer of record.

NV Marin was first manufactured in 1954 by Nymans Verkstader, a manufacturer of bicycles in city north of Stockholm, Sweden. The engine was rebranded in later years and sold as Crescent and Monark In 1965 both the Penta and Archimedes companys were sold to Nymans Verkstader the manufacturer of Monark-Crescent. In 1973 Volvo purchased the rights to the outboard Monark-Crescent. Cool fonts to download for mac.