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Code: Windows Media Player Plug-in 10 (compatible; Totem) Description: The Totem 2.30.2 plugin handles video and audio streams.

Audio player plugin not supported application/x-mplayer2. 201 KB View Download. I don't know what plugins are supported by Chrome. It says, plug in not supported When I right click on it it shows the application not supported as x-mplayer2 as per the snip below I realise your first reaction is don't use chrome, use IE. But I cannot tell my cliente they cannot use chrome, so I have to find a solution please.

Application/x-mplayer2 Plugin Download

I'm not streaming video yet, but I AM trying to listen to a couple of streamed radio stations, and I am also having problems with the 'no suitable plug-ins were found' 'Unknown Plugin (application/x-mplayer2). Internet Explorer 7 has no problem at all with the streams, but I don't want to use IE at all. I don't have those two dll files on my machine, and further reading tells me that if I installed Media Player 10, I should have those files.

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I can't install version 10 because it is incompatible with my Windows XP Media Edition. After installing version 11, those files are still not found. I just don't want to download and use a bad or modified DLL from sources I don't know or trust, and I can't find them on Microsoft's site.

Application X Mplayer2 Plugin


I registered on this site just to respond and warn you guys: be careful downloading this manually! It was specifically removed due to a known vulnerability that leaves your computer open to hackers. I hate IE as much as the next person, but instead of opening up my computer to one of the more well-known attack vulnerabilities, I suggest just using IE for this. (Or at the very least know where you are getting that assembly from and making sure it is not an older version with the problems.but even then, you better be aware if an update comes out if another way to hack into this is found and exploited.) More info: (this is the best site, also includes instructions on how to bypass and updated Vista and XP instructions) Good luck; I hope this helps, MikeY.

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Chrome is choosing the legacy WMP for all embedded Windows Media file types instead of the more current and feature rich WMP11 (wmplayer.exe). One such example of this for me is's streaming radio channels. This site loads the correct plugin on IE, Firefox and Chrome on a different PC. Why is Chrome (specific to this PC) loading the legacy plugin for Windows Media files? What can I do to get it to load the correct version as the legacy one does not play streams reliably?

Application X Mplayer2 Plugin For Chrome Free Download

Below is a excerpt from my about:plugins. Oops, I completely misunderstood the regedit trick, it is not meant to be used *instead* of the legacy netscape plugin, but in *addition* to this plugin. I'll test the trick again on windows 7 when I get a round tuit. Caveat: On a windows 7 box _without_ Firefox the Microsoft installer for this legacy plugin puts it in a new directory Pfiles.