Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Crack Download

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Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Crack Download

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager 3.0.0 19.14 MB Bandwidth manager provides all the features you need to control the amount of bandwidth each user gets on your access. Free support to make sure your business keeps running smooth. Easy Setup: Windows based with full support Use any Windows PC with two network cards to install your Bandwidth Management gateway. It works with virtually all hardware you already have in your network. No client software installation Control wired and wireless computers, phones and devices without any client software installation.

Independent of the client operating system. Setup Wizard Easily configures most important options.

How to download microsoft word for free. Wizard will help you to share your Internet connection using Bandwidth Manager NAT feature, instructs you how to configure the computers in your network, personalize your Bandwidth Manager so you can start providing service immediately. Number of Simultaneous Connections After registering HotSpot software you can configure number of simultaneous connections. Demo version limits this number to 3, along with restart time restrictions. Control your bandwidth: Lower Internet costs by controlling bandwidth Define the upload and download rates for the entire network or individual users. Allow new users to access the network with default speeds, or limit Internet access only to known users to save on bandwidth costs.

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Manage download and upload limits Easily configure download and upload speed for all users in the system, or configure individual user accounts. For example, all students get 100 Kb/s while teachers get 1 Mbit/s.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Crack Download

Manage bandwidth quota limits Configure available bandwidth quota limits for all users, for selected users only, or allow unlimited quota for desired users. A Bandwidth quota is configured in Mbytes for every user and represents the total amount of available traffic. Manage daily limits Easily assign monthly limits, daily limits, or both. Example: user can download 5 GB monthly, with 100 MB daily limit.