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  2. Alicia Online Mac Download
Alicia online mac

Alicia Online. 23,808 likes 607 talking about this. Mac lipstick for blondes. Alicia Online is a 3D horse race game.

Is a Free to Play, Racing, Social-Networking and Massively Multiplayer Online Simulation. Newest buy microsoft office for mac. The game takes place in the beautiful world where the game allows the player to choose his horse and start his gameplay.

Alicia Online Download For Free

According to the gameplay, the player can keep his horse healthy by making the foods, build a place to live his horse and train the horse in order to win the game. The game offers customization option and allows the player to create his own horse with different kinds of exciting things such as beautiful clothes and accessories. The game also offers different racing event and allows the player to take part of a racing event and try to complete them all. Each winning game gives huge rewards that will help the player in during the gameplay.

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Alicia Online Mac Download

It includes core features such as different locations, Upgrades, different horses, RPG elements, show his different horse with the other and much more. With quite addictive gameplay, well-written storyline, brilliant controls, and beautiful graphics details. Alicia Online is one the best Horse Racing game to play and enjoy.