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Author – Khursheed Nadeem Translation – Ammar Bakhsh What days and nights do we spend and with what wiles do we spoil our tongues and pens? I opened the Quran before suhūr. Surah was in front of me.

The Lord of the worlds is establishing the proofs of his message on the Jews and the Christians. Simultaneously, He is setting up from among the second branch of Abraham, the Ishmaelites, a new Muslim nation. The crimes of the Children of Israel are being recounted but I see myself in them. And just then, this question struck me.

I was going through ‘Al Bayan’. The (Urdu) translation of the Quran by our illustrious teacher, Javed Ahmad Ghamidi. What a translation it is indeed; a discovery of a new world. ‘Tafhim ul Quran’ had ruled for ages. Syed Abul-A’la Mawdudi had sought to convey the clear Arabic of Quran to clear Urdu.

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Tags: Al Bayan by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, Amin Ahsan Islahi, best commentary of koran, best commentary of Quran. A Unique Translation of Quran. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is a Pakistani Islamic modernist theologist who hosted a primetime religious-spiritual show on Dunya News, Ilm-o-Hikmat, Ghamidi Key Saath (Knowledge and Wisdom with Ghamidi). Books by: All Hameed Uddin Farahi Amin Ahsan Islahi Javed Ahmad Ghamidi Dr. An Al-Mawrid Account gives our members unfettered access to resources and content on.

Praised be the Lord that He bestowed upon him a pen drenched in the fountains of heaven. My companionship with Maulana Mawdudi’s translation of the Quran has led me to ‘Al Bayan’.

The secrets of the Quran that were revealed to Imam Farahi; ‘Al Bayan’ is the third step in its path. The wisdom of the Quran that Imam Farahi has decoded in the chambers of Madrasatul Islah, was the first step through this gate. His works demanded deep pondering over the Quran so as to build the foundations to reach the meaning of the message of Allah.

Based on these foundations he even started to write a commentary on the Quran. In a short eventful life, he could only manage to work on the commentary of few of the last Surahs of the Quran. By the grace and mercy of Allah, his illustrious student, Amin Ahsan Islahi, took forward and completed his mission. Thus, the Taj Mahal of the commentaries on the Quran, ‘Taddabur a Quran’ was built by Imam Amin Ahsan Islahi.


The torch was then passed to Javed Ahmad Ghamidi and Allah blessed him to complete a 5 volume commentary of the Quran; ‘Al Bayan’. There are two pillars of this school. The first is that the language of the Quran is the eloquent Arabic spoken by the Quraysh of Umm Al Qura Makkah. The secrets of the Quran cannot be decoded without knowing that Arabic. The second pillar is that the Quran has a specific coherence and consistency in its discourse. This coherence is in the Ayaat, the Surahs and in the Quran as a whole.

The Quran is not a collection of isolated wise sayings; it is a coherent discourse. Without decoding this coherence the real message of the Quran cannot be reached. The Imams of the commentary on the Quran nod in agreement. However, it was the genius of Imam Farahi that discovered it and made this into a proper science. Imam Amin Ahsan Islahi has unveiled this coherence not in his translation but in his commentary on the Quran. If one picks up just the translation of ‘Taddabur e Quran’ the coherence is not evident.

Tafseer Quran By Javed Ghamidi

They will have to turn to its commentary. Though, a seasoned scholar or reader of commentaries can benefit a lot from this; a normal reader of just the translation cannot afford to go into the technicalities of commentaries. Thus, it was necessary to present this coherence in the translation as well, so that even a layman can observe the beauty of the discourse in the book of Allah. ‘Al Bayan’ fills up this need. Ghamidi has written in the introduction of his commentary: “This is an Urdu translation of the Quran.

The eloquence of this masterpiece from the heaven is impossible to imitate in any other language. I have however tried to present its message keeping with its coherence in Urdu. In this regard, this will be the first translation in which the coherence of the Quran will be visible in its translation. Thus, there will be no need of detailed commentaries on it. “ Islam is nothing but a reminder of the Hereafter.

Prophets and Messengers are sent to nations to remind and call to this fact. Every Messenger is a Prophet but every Prophet is not a Messenger. A Messenger acts as God’s judgment on earth for a specific nation. The judgement that God promises in the hereafter for all mankind, is established on this earth for that nation. Messengers are sent for nothing but to establish the proofs of the truth. Syedena (Our Master) Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a Messenger.