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Ai no Kusabi is a haunting tale of twisted love in a world where one’s status in society is based on the color of their hair. The Blondies live in a clean, technologically advanced environment while those with darker hair, often called Mongrels, are forced to live in slums rife with violence. In a lot of yaoi, we have a separation of societal class, such as college students and high society elites in literature or business. Ai no Kusabi presents us with a unique setting in which there is a huge class divide among not just the main characters, but everyone, and it very much affects their relationships. Iason, the Blondie, and Riki, the Mongrel, are both muscular and imposing men, instead of the usual pairing of a well-built manly man and a boyish/girlish man pairing. A remake was done in 2012 which does not show the ending of the 1992-1994 version and elaborates more on the events in the middle of the first OVA. Riki and Iason are not brought together out of mutual interest, or even one chasing after the other.

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Iason seeks to exert his power over others while Riki wishes to live his life totally free from anyone’s influence. While trying to establish dominance over each other they end up falling in love. This type of twisted, unhealthy relationship evolves as a result of their warped society.

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Similar shows abound with themes of betrayal, manipulation, and forced sexual content between members of different social environments. We would like to include a trigger warning for rape as that is present in all the following anime, and as such may not be suitable for all readers. With that having been said, we are going to jump right into 6 anime like Ai no Kusabi!

Humans have had to expand to other planets, and the colony on Pluto enjoys a prosperous existence. Then one day, an alien race named “Apocalypse” by the humans, begins capturing humans to utilize their brains in order to expand their knowledge and power their mechanical bodies. Two soldiers determined to fight the enemy seem to simultaneously be urged together and ripped apart by fate. Despair follows Jonathan and Leonard, and in a world filled with bloodshed, even love seems doomed to die. These two shows carry a similar heaviness and lack of hope. While war is absent from Ai no Kusabi, neither of the settings are supportive of the idea of love. In both anime, those in charge are corrupt and feel that they can exact their will over those they perceive to be lower than them.