1212 Gucci Belt Serial Number

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  1. Gucci Serial Number Lookup Belt

Founded in 1921, Gucci is a Italian fashion house that produces fashion goods such as handbags, shoes, belts, suits, and more. The 'Made in italy' trademark withholds almost 100 years of history in the making. However, because Gucci is a very popular fashion house and is know for it's high quality goods, it is highly replicated.

Gucci Serial Number Lookup Belt

Today, I'm going to talk about how to authenticate a Gucci belt. Some tips, tricks, and showing some obvious things to quickly spot a fake not just on eBay, but everywhere else as well. First, before we even talk about the belts, a Authentic Gucci belt, bought from the website or at a local Gucci boutique, always comes with a complementary bag, and not only for belts, but with all of their other products as well. If you bought a belt new from a website other than eBay, if you did not receive packaging, that's not a good sign. However, It might of been possible that the supplier did not include the bag. Regardless, if you buy it new, It should come with the bag. The bag is a dark brown color with the 'Double G' printed all through the bag.

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The inside of the bag has the 'Double G' logo on all the sides, but on the bottom of the inside of the bag, there are no 'Double G's. specifically, the belt should come in the smallest Gucci bag available (the farthest to the right). Also, they should come with a dark brown string tied on the box to keep the item from falling out. When purchasing a Gucci belt online in the official store, it actually does not include a separate box for the belt, but just has the dark brown bag in the picture.


Jun 27, 2013  Gucci Belt Serial Number Help! I'll list off a few things that I've researched about to see if the serial is fake: - Serial starts with '1212'. New (never used) - Gucci belt white leather double stitching. Gucci serial number starts with 1212 Gucci serial number starts with 1212. Usb 2.0 ser drivers for mac.

When opening the bag if included, it should have the 'Double G' logo on the extra plastic inside. If all that's correct, direct your attention to the dust bag. The stitched belts include the green-red-green belt with brown and black leather and the blue-red-blue belt with black leather. First of all, look closely at the stitching. The stitching should have absolutely no errors; period.

If there are stitching errors, you've got a fake for sure. There should be no loose or missing stitches on the color-pattern. If there is, you've got a fake. Animated background mac.

Also, make sure the red stripe is perfectly centered on the belt. If there is less green stitching on one side of the red, and more green stitching on the other side, then the belt is fake.